Class of 2023 Senior Info


Class of ECHS 2023 Seniors & Family,

We are quickly approaching the end of the semester with Early College High School and are fiercely preparing for both graduations and end of the year senior and school events. Seniors, this week is your last week of MISD and TCC classes. Our last day of classes is May 10th pending you have successfully fulfilled all High School Graduation requirements. We want you to finish strong in your classes. Don't forget to show up for your final exams and ensure that you have a 2.0 GPA or above in your overall TCC GPA with all classes needed for the high school and college requirements completed.

Counselor Howell has been meeting with scholars and parents as needed. We will conduct our final grade checks and GPA confirmation during Senior Checkout Week which is May 16 - 19, 2023. May 20th is our TCC Commencement Ceremony as well. And if all goes as plan, we KNOW that every single one of you has the potential to graduate with your associate degree because you are class of 2023! You have always been a mentally and academically strong group of scholars even in the midst of the biggest shift of our lives- Pandemic 2020. We know you can do this!  You got this!! Finish strong. May 10th! 

If you foresee any concerns this week about your classes and grades, please let us know. Counselor Howell, Mrs. Shoop, Mrs. Salgado and I will want to know any potential circumstances that may keep you from reaching your goal. And if somehow this week, we conduct another random grade check, it is because we value knowing where you are in your journey of completion with us. 

Remember, you got this! Check out the Senior Page of the Stallion Scoop for information on: 

1. Laptop Collection - May 8 - 10

2. Senior Checkout Week - May 16 - 19

3. TCC Graduation

4. End of Year School events

5. HS Graduation

Look for an email from Mrs. Salgado regarding the date for High School Graduation ticket pick up. The Stallion Scoop has information on both TCC and HS Graduation information